Monday, September 8, 2008

Show Me: Kitchen

Today's show me challenge is your kitchen.
Sorry, but my kitchen is a little, um.....cluttered so I'm not sharing the entire room.
I'll just go with the fun part of hubby's lunchbox collection!
He has them all displayed in the area between the upper cabinets and the ceiling.
I tried to get a shot of the entire collection but that just didn't work well.

This is one of my favorites. I was a big Dukes of Hazzard and John Schneider fan as a young teen.

"I pity the fool..."

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Robert said...

Those are really cool! I love the angle (although you may not have had much choice). And it looks like your signature is actually on the ceiling! Keep having fun with these. I'm looking forward to coming back to see what's next.

Britt said...

Quite the impressive collection!

June said...

These types of lunchboxes were so much fun...what a neat thing to collect! I couldn't help but notice the writing on the ceiling...that's neat too.

Carletta said...

These are great! I have a small collection myself. Mine are a little older than his.
He really has some really good ones - I'm envious!
Great shots.

Crazy Momma said...

Ain't NO WAY you are getting a picture of my kitchen! Not even the lunchboxes :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing the love!

Britt said...

Your blog is so cool! I can't believe I haven't visited you before now .. You take great pictures! How often do you have to dust your lunchboxes? They look so clean! In my house, they'd be dull from the coating of dust over them. I hate dusting lol.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I have been introduced to so many new people .. it's so cool!