Friday, January 28, 2011

Project 52: Week 4 {Soothing Repetition}

Soothing Repetition

I had trouble with an idea for this weeks theme.  The patterns the lights made outside the movie theater caught my eye so I went with it!  I only had my little point and shoot with me though, but it works in a pinch.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt 101 {#9 A junk car}

Junk Car

We took the kids to Monster Jam 2011 last week.  These are a few of the junk cars they used during the show.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Project 52: Week 2 {Illustrate a Song}

Catch A Wave (the Beach Boys)

"Catch A Wave" by The Beach Boys

When I first saw the weekly theme I had no idea what to do.  I tried asking my family what their favorite songs were and they were just being goofy.  I got a little frustrated.

Then while driving near Milwaukee's lakefront we came across 4 guys doing a little surfing and it came to me!  Though I never expected to be illustrating this particular song with a photo taken in Wisconsin in the middle of January!!  The temperature that day was 22 degrees with a wind chill of 7 degrees.  I have no idea what the water temperature was but I'm sure it was way too cold for me!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt 101 {Master List}

Here is the list for the Scavenger Hunt 101.  As I complete items on it I will update this post.  Any ones that I have completed will be clickable so you can see the photo I submitted.  

1. Boat without a motor
2. Home of a non-human creature
3. A flag other than your native country's
4. Waterfall
5. Rain
6. Winter
7. A puddle
8. An abandoned building/ruin
9. A junk car
10. An extravagant food
11. A handmade for sale sign
12. A cliche
13. Someone wearing polka dots
14. A locally owned store (non-chain)
15. A toy
16. A cat
17. Fire
18. A child laughing
19. Inside a foreign food restaurant
20. A beach
21. A flying machine
22. Your bed
23. A flower
24. A map
25. An extravagant drink
26. A car with a flat tire
27. A live performance
28. An absurd predicament
29. A motorcycle
30. A person having a bad hair day
31. Sunset
32. Spring
33. A locally owned restaurant (non-chain)
34. A police car
35. Your Vacuum or Broom
36. Someone meditating or praying
37. A work of art
38. A national holiday celebration (a holiday that celebrates a nation, such as 4th of July or Canada Day)
39. Your favorite food
40. Fall/Autumn
41. Someone you love
42. A tattoo
43. A sporting event
44. A knick-knack / bric-a-brac
45. A fish
46. An ambulance
47. A place of worship
48. The tallest building in your town/village/city
49. Your favorite color
50. Somewhere you feel uncomfortable
51. A commercial truck
52. Graffiti
53. An insect or arachnid
54. A stamp
55. Someone with bare feet
56. A bookshelf
57. Something that represents your country or region
58. Money
59. A billboard/sign
60. A bridge
61. The utilization of an alternative energy source
62. A public display of affection
63. A kitchen appliance
64. A water source
65. A bicycle
66. A dog
67. Barbequed or grilled food
68. Something rusty
69. A beast of burden
70. Construction equipment
71. Summer
72. A fire engine
73. Sunrise
74. Food growing
75. Your most comfortable place to sit
76. Wind
77. Wrinkles
78. A musical instrument
79. An exotic animal (use your judgment)
80. Your favorite shade-tree
81. The place where you bathe
82. A statue
83. Your camera
84. The place where you eat most your meals
85. Your favorite pastime/hobby/interest
86. A shadow
87. An interesting sky
88. A license plate
89. A tool
90. A road sign
91. Something dirty (as in a "white horse fell in the mud" not sexual)
92. Something clean (as in "it got washed off again" not sexual)
93. A train
94. An interesting or unusual rock
95. A traffic signal/a traffic control device
96. An interesting view
97. A method of communication
98. Your favorite article of clothing
99. A child crying
100. A funny hat
101. A self portrait (must be final submission)

Scavenger Hunt 101 {#82 A Statue}

I have also joined the Scavenger Hunt 101 group on flickr.  It provides a list of 101 items for you to find and photograph.  There is no time limit so I can work at my own pace which is perfect for me!  Though I'm hoping to finish it within the year.  We shall see.

The first photograph I submitted is  #82 A Statue


Brigadier General Erastus B Wolcott

This stands in a park near the lakefront in Milwaukee.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Colored Windows

Colorful Windows Milwaukee, WI 01/08/11

Found this building with all the windows painted a different color while driving around in Milwaukee.  Turns out my husband used to work in this building when he was a teen.  A family member owned a restaurant that he worked in.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52: Week 1 {Around the House}

Like I said, since the project 365 last year was a bit too much for me I've decided to scale it down for this year.  So I joined the MCP Project 52: Photo a Week group on flickr.  Each week will have a theme that you can follow.  Or not.  This week I went with it.


Our bedroom hallway is pretty much a family photo wall.  At the top are these two photos of my maternal grandparents or "Babci & Dziadziu" as we called them.  My grandfather was polish.

They met while serving in the army.  She was a mechanic and he was a driver and would bring vehicles in to be serviced.  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to Blogging

*Sigh*  I took another unintentional bit of a break from blogging here.  I've barely touched my camera in the past few months and I hate it!  I'm itching to get in the groove again and post some photos.  

I will not be attempting a 365 project again like last year.  That was a bit way too ambitious for me!  So I have some others that I've been tossing around in my head and with a friend.  I'll post about them as I get them going.

To start I've wanted to do some alphabet photography and see how many letters I can find.  I don't mean photographing the actual letter on a sign or anything though.  I'm looking to see how many I can find in nature or can be seen in part of another object or structure.

Here's my first example.  Though I took this photo over 2 years ago!  One letter down, 25 to go!

Letter E

This is part of an iron fence that forms the Letter E.