Saturday, August 8, 2009

Milwaukee Lighthouses

Milwaukee Pierhead/Breakwater Lighthouses

I had another chance last week to photograph a few lighthouses. This time on Milwaukee's lakefront. This is the Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse with the Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse in the background.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camera Critters #69

Camera Critters

Since our family visits the zoo quite a bit and I have tons of pictures of all types of critters, I thought I'd start joining in on the Camera Critters meme.
My daughter used my old digital camera yesterday. She had fun and was going a really good job so I'm posting a little comparison of the shots we took of the same animal.



Again I'm not really sure what this is, some type of ground hog or gopher maybe? He wasn't actually in an exhibit. There are quite a few wooded areas around the zoo and there are wildlife living through there. These came out of a hole that was next to the giraffe exhibit in a little flowered area.
They turned out pretty similiar because he didn't really move much. He just came out and stared at people like we were the ones on exhibit. And even though we each took a few shots the best of each of ours was almost the same!