Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scavenger Hunt 101 {#6 Winter}


Took this right outside my front door.  It was warm and sunny enough over the weekend for a bit of snow to melt and drip off the house and form these icicles on our bush.  


This second icicle was one hanging from the roof.  Yes we still have our Christmas light up.  It's Wisconsin, they won't come down until June.  That is if it warms up by then!
I was shocked that I actually captured the droplets falling from it!


Amy said...

Those are great shots! I may get some just like that in the next few days! :)

What do you mean, if it warms up by then?? OMG!! I would die! It's supposed to be 60 by Sunday...I can't wait!! :)

Shannon said...


Christmas lights up 'til June... too funny!

Hope's Recipe/Photo Blog said...

The 1st one with the bush looks like a Christmas card and the second one, I love how you captured the drip.