Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zoo time

It's Spring break for my kids this week.  Since my high schooler is off living it up on a band trip I've been able to have some alone time with my other daughter.  We decided to hit the Milwaukee County Zoo on Monday.  One of our favorite spots.

So what do you think I took photos of?? 
Well, squirrels of course.  Duh!
Who goes to the zoo for actual zoo animals?

Seriously, I took a few others.  Though this wasn't one of my better zoo days photographically speaking.

But I was able to get a nice one of the male lion...

But why is it that the last two times we've gone to the zoo and checked out the lions, that the "daddy" lion wants to get something going with the "mommy" lion?  Seriously can't he wait until we all go home?

Also got one of the cheetahs...


This one was just chilling right in front of the glass.  They don't normally do least that I've seen.


Amy said...

I love the lion photo, great shot!

Kat said...

Those are amazing! I have never gotten shots that great at the zoo.

Shannon said...

There's something about the one of the lion... it's my favorite!

Kenya said...

wow, the lion photo is stunning. nice job! he looks very pensive :)