Monday, March 22, 2010

No more Project 365

I'm sad to say I will no longer be doing the Project 365.

I had the best intentions and was determined when I started to make it through the entire year. It was fun in the beginning and I was looking forward to deciding on a photo each day.

But unfortunately that started to change. Instead of being excited about what photo I was going to take for the day I started feeling pressure to get a photo taken each day. I wanted to be creative with the photos I was taking and not just snap something for the sake of having a photo for the project. I wanted it to be fun and not feel like I was being forced to get it done. So I'm trying hard not to feel bad about "quitting". I gave it a try and found it didn't work for me.

I'm not giving up on my blog though! I will continue to post here. Just not daily. I'm hoping to come up with some other projects or themes to work on. So if you've got any ideas or suggestions I'm all ears. I do have something in the works with a fellow blogger to have a monthly theme where we post photos we came up with at the end of each month.

I'm hoping that my followers will stick around even though I'm not doing the project anymore. :)

Here's one of the last photos I took for the project but hadn't posted yet. A family portrait reflection in the window of our jeep.


Amy said...

I'm sorry you felt pressured, I know that feeling well.

Great shot you took there!

Small Burst said...

I thought about doing the project but the more I thought about it the more work it sounded. You take wonderful pics and I'm sure you probably take a photos almost everyday so no loss, right?

Leslee said...

I will still be here to read your blog!!!

Hopefully you will occasionally post pics, because you do an amazing job!

Shannon said...

I hear ya!

I've been feeling the same way... and just today was able to get the last week's worth of photos edited and posted.

I'm caught up now. And hope that since the weather is netter now, I'll want to get out more to take photos. There's just so many pics of the dog I can take, LOL!

And no worries... I'll still be here to check out your photos!