Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To read {13/365}

{13/365} January 13

A portion of my 'to read' pile.

The problem with taking and posting a photo every day is that there are going to be days where you are stuck for ideas or you don't feel like taking a photo or you aren't really satisfied with how the ones you did take turned out.

This is one of those days. I had no idea what I wanted to photograph. I tried a couple of things that just weren't working. So I settled on this one.


Angie Vik said...

I'm a book lover so think shots like this are neat. I've done something like this before for the library I used to work at. The different colors look nice all stacked together. Happy Reading.

Leslee said...

I totally understand that feeling! I'm glad that this little project is flexible enough to allow us "other views" of creativity!

Lofty reading list !! and a bit ~deadly~ HA!!

Shannon said...

Ummm... yeah. I'm with you on not knowing what to take pictures of...

I want to read the Mortal Instruments books, too! City of Bones is the 1st in the series, right?

dianne - bunny trails said...

How fun! It does become a challenge to find something to shoot every day. But I think it's good in terms of getting you to look at things in your life and home differently.

My reading list is often from the library or paperback swap, so I don't have them at one time to put in a pile. LOL!!

Kat said...

I love the to-be-read pile. That would be rather appropriate for me when I finally stop procrastinating and start this project. I have a blog set up for it. And a header. Baby steps, right?

Anyway, I am a huge reader...and the Charlaine Harris books are so great. I got the Mortal Instruments book for my daughter for Christmas...just so that I might borrow it at some point!