Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going for a ride

Here's another one I took at the Lineman's Rodeo. This is one of the two water towers in town. It's amazing how dirty it gets on the underside. You can also see someone going up in the bucket. They were offering bucket rides for anyone who wanted to go up.


Annie said...

Hello from up north a ways.

What an interesting festival. I'm afraid I'd panic if I were in that bucket but I wouldn'd mind watching others ride in it.

In Shiocton this weekend there will be sauerkraut wrestling and cabbage tossing. I'm thinking that might be fun to photograph for the blog - scense from Wisconsin?

lynn said...

My daughter wanted to ride, but only if I could go with her. You had to have one of the men go too so there didn't look like enough room so she passed.

Sauerkraut wrestling and cabbage tossing? Sounds interesting. lol